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San Marcos, TX
Orthomosaic & Digital Elevation Model

The initial build of sites San Marcos, Texas.  These images were taken in early November 2022.  As the project progresses we’ll be updating maps “Before & After” orthomosaic models for viewing.  Since this is the start of the project documentation we felt a Digital Elevation Model and original Ortho would be of interest to viewers.

3D Site Model

This is the second 3D model rendered for the San Marcos project.  This project will began in 1st quater of 2023. This map was created in early November, 2022.  As the build proceeds a new model will be generated for each site visit.  Annotations will be added as more develops.  Click & Drag to rotate the model, scroll to zoom in and out of the model.  You can also set the model to full screen as well.

Video tour progression of the property 
Photo Gallery
360 View of the project 
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